Do Angel Card Readings Work?



Angel card readings tap into an angelic presence to guide you towards a better life. Readings can be open-ended but generally focus on a specific question that homes in on a general aspect of the recipient's life. They can also serve as guidance, tuning into subconscious thoughts, emotions, and visions.

By asking the cards to reveal information about a specific question, those seeking a reading should not expect a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer. Instead, the cards will guide you toward decision-making. Questions asked should be specific and open-ended focusing on your own actions, not those of others.

Depending on the question asked, an angel card reader will draw the appropriate number of cards. This can vary on the type of card spread selected for your reading; however, most angel card readers incorporate a standard tarot spread for readings.


There are generally three different card spreads offered at an angel card reading:


  • One Card Reading: Such a reading can offer a tremendous impact, focusing on daily guidance that gives you an overview of the influences and circumstances which surround you. (This is the most common type of reading you may do for yourself if you buy a deck to do at home)
  • Three Card Spread: In revealing influences that are affecting your mind, body, and spirit this card spread offers an insight into past, present and future challenges.
  • Six Card Spread: This card spread gives a greater depth of insight into issues or challenges you may be facing; each angel card represents an aspect or certain influence affecting your situation.


In revealing the cards drawn and conveying their meaning a psychic reader will address your initial question. Through guidance from the angelic realm, a reader can provide personal insight and help you understand what the spiritual implications are.


How Can Angel Cards Help You?


Angel cards can offer various messages, most offer ways to cope or resolve challenges. They allow you to connect with heavenly energy to find peace of mind and tranquillity in your life by connecting with your Guardian Angel, spirit guides and even loved ones on the other side.


You can request many different types of angel card readings from a psychic card reader. It may be issues and challenges which stem from a spiritual conflict not resolved or a spiritual lesson required.


  • A reading can offer insight into a career decision or a troublesome issue at work.
  • If you have a dilemma about a relationship, angel cards can offer guidance.
  • Such readings can also offer a greater perspective on the root cause of a financial situation.

Where to go from here


If this interests you, I suggest you purchase a deck online,. There are many gorgeous ones to choose from and they usually come with a guidebook which shows you how to set the cards out for each purpose and has explanations of each of the card's meanings. This is something I call upon in various times of doubt or thoughtfulness, and sometimes just as daily guidance with no specific question in mind, and then I take on board that message which has come through. I have a beautiful deck below which you can purchase if you want to get started!

If you enjoy it, then you can go to a reader who may be able to give you much more in-depth reading and interpretation than you could yourself, or you may like to go deeper and learn about it through a course for leisure or to become a practitioner.


Whatever you choose to do, draw on loving angel power, know it is with you always and above all enjoy it.


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