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Black candle magic is a form of magical practice that utilises black candles as a focal point for spellwork and rituals.

Here are some common purposes for which black candle magic is used:

Protection: Black candles are often used for protective purposes. They can be employed to create a shield of spiritual or energetic defence, warding off negative influences and protecting oneself or one’s space from harm or malevolent energies.

Banishing or removal: Black candles can be utilised in rituals aimed at banishing or removing unwanted energies, habits, or influences from one’s life. They can help in letting go of negative emotions, breaking bad habits, or severing ties with toxic relationships.

Transformation and change: Black candles are associated with transformation and the initiation of change. They can be used to symbolise the death of old patterns or situations, paving the way for new beginnings. Black candle magic can help facilitate personal growth, self-improvement, and the manifestation of desired transformations.

Absorbing negativity: Black candles can be employed to draw in and absorb negative energies or influences that may be affecting an individual or a space. The candle is believed to act as a magnet, attracting and neutralising negativity.

Remember that the interpretation and use of black candle magic can vary among practitioners and traditions. It is essential to approach any magical practice with respect, intention, and a clear understanding of your motivations and desired outcomes.

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