Unlocking Your Inner Mystic: Embracing Intuition with your Tarot Reading


In the realm of Tarot, there's no need for crystal balls or acceptance letters from Hogwarts to navigate the mystical path. Instead, it's all about forging a connection with your intuition – that inner compass that always knows the way. Leave behind the tangles of overthinking; your intuition is here to serenade you with its wisdom, sometimes gentle and sweet, other times sassy and bold. It's like when you meet someone who's the life of the party, yet deep down, a whisper in your soul hints, "Hold on a second, something's not adding up." It's an instinctual alert, no evidence is needed; your intuition lays the truth before you. This is your internal sage, giving you a nudge, saying, "Hey, take notice."


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The Path Of The Psychic Is Not All The Same


Now, let's venture into the territory of the psychic. Think of it as becoming a maestro of the senses, a virtuoso who dances with perceptions beyond the ordinary. Some psychics are like digital explorers, decrypting the hidden codes of life's intricate matrix. Others delve into frequencies that they can tap into. And just like a rainbow boasts an array of hues, the psychic realm offers a spectrum of talents.

But here's the beauty of it all: you don't need a PhD in tarot reading. What truly matters is your connection with your intuition. It's just like training a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. Visualise Tarot cards as your trusty companions, amplifying the whispers of your gut feelings. When doing a reading, you metamorphose into a conductor, orchestrating the symphony of someone's life journey. The magic here is tangible; no crystal ball is required.


Top tarot card deck picks

The Phantomwise Tarot:

Star Spinner Tarot


Now, let's delve into practicality.

Some individuals are naturally in tune with their intuition, effortlessly dancing to its tune. Others might need to nurture this connection with a touch of consistent practise. So, grab a Tarot deck, and let's begin this epic journey:

Action Step: Harmonising with Your Intuition

  1. Tranquil Haven: Seek out a tranquil corner, gently dim the lights, and allow yourself a moment to unwind. No velvet robes are necessary, just relish the comfort. Why not gather some crystals and incense to enhance the vibes further?
  2. Card Dance: Shuffle the cards with a sense of purpose, as though weaving the threads of a story. During this process, let your thoughts dwell upon the question or situation that is to be explored.
  3. The Card's Reveal: When the rhythm feels right, stop shuffling. Draw a card – this becomes your focal point now.
  4. Trust the Whispers: Tune into your initial reaction to the card. What impressions surface? Place your trust in this response, much like you would in your closest friend's advice.
  5. Understanding the Message: Study the card's imagery, as though deciphering a captivating Instagram post. What emotions does it stir? What narrative does it spill?
  6. Echoes of Intuition: Merge the card's essence with your intuitive insights. What is your intuition feeling about the question or theme of today's reading?? Allow your inner voice to step into the spotlight. Download my free tarot keywords ebook here for beginners guidance.
  7. Steps of the Modern Mystic: Now comes the revelation. Share your newfound insights, whether with yourself or a friend. You're like a cosmic conductor, weaving threads of wisdom into existence. it's such a beautiful thing!

Always bear in mind, the cards themselves aren't creating the magic. The true magic emanates from you – your essence infusing them with meaning. Tarot serves as a language, and you, are the translator. So, take hold of those cards, follow the rhythm of your intuition, and watch as your inner mystic unfurls its wings.

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